GEOCODE is a Saudi Consultancy Establishment specializing in consulting, solutions and training focused on innovation and technical knowledge transfer. Our aim is to raise the technical awareness through working together as a community by creating an innovative environment for linking the academic sectors together with industrial sectors achieving long-term goals for you and your parties and contributing to the national digital transformation of Saudi Arabia.


GEOCODE is following the models of educational institutions’ cooperation with the public and private sectors worldwide to raise the technical academic efficiency, meet technical needs, and give them the opportunity to contribute effectively to the digital transformation raising the academic technical skills on global standards. GEOCODE aims to build a common technical platform for collaboration supporting students’ and developers’ projects and ideas by providing technical elements to enable the society to contribute to the implementation of technical awareness. GEOCODE and its partners provide all the software required to build smartphone applications, web mapping applications, various analytical tools, and provide the necessary training in collaboration with technical associations, innovation centres and global technology companies.


Our Vision

Connecting people with digital transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the technical education services and provide the latest tools to the technical departments of Middle eastern universities by linking them with global companies in a way that integrates the strategic vision of sustainable digital development. Provide innovative and specialized technical advice and solutions to academia, public and private sectors in the Middle East. GEOCODE are contributing to bridging the gap between industrial and academic sectors.