Irene and additionally faces out of up against their unique daughter Erza, in fact it is outdone by their inside the competition


Irene and additionally faces out of up against their unique daughter Erza, in fact it is outdone by their inside the competition

Irene and additionally faces out of up against their unique daughter Erza, in fact it is outdone by their inside the competition

While the Five Goodness Dragons just weren’t a part of the latest Dragon Municipal Combat known as the Dragon King Event, these people were therefore strong whenever they inserted combat, all of the could be shed

At the a not known part before the Alvarez Kingdom Arc, an effective Dragon whom lasted Acnologia’s genocide, Animus, ran direct-to-lead with Natsu along side Dragon Shout Teams, an ancient relic you to kept all strength away from Acnologia’s victims after they passed away. Animus claimed the staff, however, even after his fuel, he had been struggling to defeat a good dragonized Natsu, who had unknowingly tapped for the their undetectable strength given that a demon in the Book off Zeref, causing Animus’ dying.

Anna Heartfilia, predecessor of the celestial wizard Lucy Heartfilia, tries to trap Acnologia inside a period of time-room away from nothingness on account of a side-aftereffect of the fresh Eclipse Gate, but Acnologia seems to consume this new unlimited big date-continuum and you will rampages nationwide

From inside the combat with Zeref’s Alvarez Empire of the Fairy End, the latest dragon Irene Belserion starred an energetic part on the dispute and finally confronted Acnologia when he gets involved regarding war, on the goal of seeking out all the surviving dragon slayers. Irene following eliminates herself when she is mortally wounded. Their own corpse is actually later on defiled of the Acnologia once the payback having carrying out him because of dragon slayer magic, and then he proceeds along with his check. During the a last showdown up against the black dragon, Lucy as well as the remainder of the Fairy Tail guild trap Acnologia’s actual human body regarding the enchantment also known as Fairy Sphere, and his spiritual thinking try missing by Natsu for the dragon slayers’ combined power, effectively destroying him. Which have Acnologia’s dying, dragons are rendered extinct during the Ishgar and only the fresh Dragon Slayers you to definitely endured the battle will still be of its history.

Yet not, in other places in the Earthland, a few dragons however endure. Four excessively strong dragons, known as the Four Jesus Dragons, live on the region of Giltena, which is mainly unexplored. There have been originally half dozen, nevertheless the Environment Dragon Goodness, Dogramag, try killed because of the a Dragon Slayer wizard entitled Elefseria, who was simply to start with a home-educated Dragon Slayer himself as well as the creator of your own basic wizard guild, Magia Dragon. Elefseria after changed into a dragon as a result of overuse out-of his miracle as well as the must replenish their forgotten center once Dogramag consumed they. However, unlike Acnologia, Elefseria wasn’t inspired furious from the his power and you can as an alternative remained an excellent, using their capability to make an effort to wreck the remaining Five God Dragons, which have been by themselves more powerful than Acnologia. At least one ones, Selene, the new Moon god Dragon, got numerous people, plus a blade-saint dragon named Kurnugi, which was basically murdered from the Dragon Slayer Georg Reizen, which together with murdered the remaining dragons from Guiltina save the 5 Dragon Gods. Because the Elefseria is struggling to overcome the 5 and you may Georg bankrupt the principles from their price so you can take a look him or her, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Happy and you will Carla was basically sent from the Elefseria to try to destroy her or him, beginning with the water Jesus Dragon, Mercuphobia. Mercuphobia, through to conference him or her after an experience having dragon slayers regarding guild Diabolus, greet them to his palace underneath the ocean and you can questioned them in order to kill your, since shortly after many years of helping members of redemption getting their evil deeds during the many years early in the day, he’d started shedding command over their energy. Mercuphobia claims you to in advance of the guy dies, Natsu and the rest of his people have to assist him win back his efforts, as he has experienced her or him taken from the a female labeled as “the brand new White Mage” (a woman that have a huge smash on Natsu just who recently joined Fairy Tail and that is doing work beneath the name Touka), hence in advance of the guy passes away, Mercuphobia intentions to 100 % free new village he lives in from the dreadful energy out of his unintentional curse. Yet not, ahead of they may be able pursue new white mage, around three dragon-eaters regarding Diabolus assault the brand new palace, and you can announce which they plan to consume the fresh new energies of the H2o god dragon by consuming the new white mage herself.

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