This indicates one hybrid cattle try intimately significantly more precocious than simply warm cattle ( Wassie mais aussi al

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This indicates one hybrid cattle try intimately significantly more precocious than simply warm cattle ( Wassie mais aussi al

This indicates one hybrid cattle try intimately significantly more precocious than simply warm cattle ( Wassie mais aussi al

Data extracted from the analysis of herd records were entered in Excel. The descriptive statistical analysis of the age at first calving (calculation of frequencies, means, standard deviations, minimum and maximum) was made with the XLSTAT software (6.1.9 release). These parameters were analyzed by ANOVA and the results were compared using the Newman-Keuls test. Differences were considered significant for p < 0.05.

To ideal comprehend the effectation of the fresh new crossbreeding with the intimate precocity of hybrid dogs, the brand new AFC is analyzed centered on: hybrid variety of, race of sire moms and dads (bull and inseminated local cattle), hybridization top and you will inventory facilities

The brand new suggest many years in the beginning calving for everyone types assembled is ± days, symbolizing around 36 months (a couple of years eleven months 19 months ± 11 months day). Many precocious heifers calved contained in this 2 years ( months). Getting fifty% regarding heifers, first calving was at days. The initial attributes took place normally at the ± months ( to help you weeks).

The fresh indicate AFC of one’s crossbreeds is actually below those reported one of many Zebu beneath the tropics from the over 40 months said in a lot of studies ( Rahman mais aussi al., 2016 ; Tellah et al., 2015a , 2015b ; Bashir and Este Zubeir, 2013 ; Sokouri et al., 2010 ; Bayemi et al., 2005 ). , 2015 ). Some article authors have stated overall performance very near to our very own observance toward more crossbreeds inside the Africa, in spite of cow breeds used in the fresh check out: 34 months one of the Montbeliard crossbreeds inside Algeria ( Madani and you may Mouffok, 2008 ) and you will Morocco ( Srairi and Mousili, 2014 ), ± 0.43 weeks regarding Girolando hybrid from inside the Benin ( Doko et al., 2012 ). It actually was an equivalent with the Holstein-Friesian hybrid cattle inside the Ethiopia on thirty-six.4 ± step 1.eight months, the Borgou and you may Lagunaire types from the thirty six.step 1 ± 6.29 days inside the Benin ( Adamou-Ndiaye mais aussi al., 2003 ) plus brand new Azawak Zebu on thirty six.5 ± cuatro.ten and you can ± thirteen weeks inside Niger ( Achard and Chanono, 2006 , 1997 ).

Our observance is more than those individuals reported because of the Genzebu ainsi que al. (2016) certainly one of crossbreed cattle during the Kenya (26.9 ± 5.4 and you will twenty seven.0 ± step weeks). It had been somewhat much better than the newest observations of the Ngodigha ainsi que al. (2009) of 30.eight ± dos.5 days certainly one of crossbreeds (Holstein x Bunadji) in the Nigeria, Ben Salem mais aussi al. (2009) out of 30.eight ± 4.12 months inside Holstein from inside the Tunisia and Srairi and Mousili (2014) of 29 months within the Montbeliard in Morocco. Specific type factors for the AFC had been examined to help you achieve the comments.

One of the some other crossbreeding systems identified ( Desk step one ), the brand new Fulani Zebu (FZ) inseminated that have sperm of Montbeliard (MB x FZ) and you may Alps Brown (Ab x FZ) have lead one particular precocious corssbreeds (basic calving during the 24 months) (5%). While, new inseminations out-of Fulani Zebu cows toward semen off Holstein (HT x FZ) and out-of Tarentaise (T x FZ) then your insemination from Gudali Zebu cattle having semen away from Montbeliard (MB x GZ) possess introduced the latest precocious crossbreed cows.

The minimum are months plus the maximum try days

Desk step one: Ages in the beginning calving (months) based on crossbreeding enter in milk products cattle farms in the area out-of Bobo-Dioulasso within the Burkina Faso

The analysis focused on the fresh new breeding tabs on twenty (20) crossbreed cattle resulting from the new interbreeding from artificial insemination between regional breed cows (Gudali Zebu and you will Fulani Zebu) and exotic reproduce bulls (Holstein, Alps Brown, Tarentaise, Montbeliard). These crossbreeds was indeed born between 1999 and you will 2010 and you can gave their first calf ranging from 2002 and you can 2012 into the around three increased inventory farms from inside the metropolitan and residential district areas of Bobo-Dioulasso. Each one of these facilities have on fifty crossbreed cattle from top sitios de citas en europa inside the production. The original farm is situated in a city, the second 10 Kilometres aside within south log off plus the third 60 Kilometres out at the eastern log off out-of Bobo-Dioulasso. First surveys anywhere between in these section aided to pick this type of three farms with a cattle register (temperatures and phony insemination keeping track of sheet sets). Situations about individual track of animal reproduction such as for example calving schedules, schedules of your own earliest heats and you can inseminations was indeed filed day-after-day because of the new cattlemen while the inseminators. This new exploitation of those files managed to make it you can easily to decide twenty (20) earliest calving’s comparable to the original attributes. These farms is actually described as the current presence of lost, good herd wellness overseeing, a led reproduction mode (generally AI, having insufficient a designated bull), the latest focus supplies (cotton cake or cottonseed and you can industrial malt) in the ration feeding and you will intense shipment regarding silage and you can farming by activities. The sole intent behind it process type of is the development and you will deals from yourself canned milk, twice a day (early morning and you may evening). The latest focuses was supported for the dogs on the go back out-of grazing along with the latest day at milking go out.

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